Custom National and State Park Patches

We consider it a privilege to manufacture and design custom national parks patches for our National and State Parks clients. Parks are special to us since our main office is located near the mountains of the Appalachian Trail.

Our client Eastern National Parks Services, a multi-faceted organization promoting public awareness of our nation’s national parks, entrusts Artex Group’s state park embroidered patches to represent their branding of wildernesses across the country.

From a design perspective, we like the challenge of recreating natural beauty and all it’s grandeur by transforming it into an embroidered piece of art.

With the advent of the dye-sublimated patch , no design is too complicated or detailed. Often we are asked to capture the realistic nature of each region’s habitat and vegetation in their custom patches. Please check out our custom dye-sublimated patch patches on this site to get a better view of this wonderful process. Equally as nice is our custom woven patches that offer gorgeous detail and colors.

Most guests that visit our National and State parks like mementos of their experiences and patches provide beautiful yet highly affordable souvenirs. If you order them with heat seal, your guests can apply them to any piece of apparel at a later date. Regardless, patches are collectibles and if marketed properly, can become an additional profit center for your park. Our National and State park clients have also found our embroidered and metal key chains to be a nice addition to their promotional campaigns.

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