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Artex has produced over 150 million patches since 2002

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Custom Patches

This is our signature product. Enhance your brand with custom embroidered patches by using your design or Artex Group’s seasoned graphic designers. Each patch is tailor-made to complement your brand’s colors and design. Choose from a vast selection of colorfast safe threads to achieve your desired effect. Add your patch to shirts, hats, or jackets to showcase your message, logo, or event. These make perfect collectibles!

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Custom Patches

Woven patches are best for when you need to illustrate fine details and fonts with precision. The color selections are endless, and given the material’s durability, woven patches can be an excellent choice for your company or organization. Take your woven patches to another level with our woven and embroidery combination.

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Custom Patches

Also known as dye sublimation patches- our computer printers use heat to directly transfer the dye into the fabric. Take your logo to the next level with precise colors and intricate details. Sublimated patches are designed to provide photo-realistic clarity and give your emblem incredible dimensional quality.

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Custom Patches

For waterproof and weatherproof patches that also accommodate specific colors and detailed designs, PVC Patches are for you. Our PVC patches are custom molded to any design even with small fonts and lines. Get 2D or 3D textures in any shape that can be matched to most PMS (Pantone Matching System) colors. These are seriously cool and can even glow in the dark!

Custom Patches

Leather and faux leather patches offer unique benefits and aesthetic qualities, and their use can vary depending on personal preference and practicality. Our leather patches are made from genuine cowhide. They are known for their durability, strength, and natural beauty. Leather patches can be treated with a variety of techniques to enhance their appearance, including dyeing, embossing and debossing, Faux leather patches, on the other hand, are synthetic materials designed to mimic the look and feel of real leather. They are typically made from polyurethane (PU) or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and can be created in a variety of colors and textures. Faux leather patches are a popular alternative to real leather because they are typically thinner in profile, and more resistant to moisture and wear and slightly more cost efficient. When deciding between leather and faux leather patches, there are several factors to consider. Real leather patches offer a luxurious and timeless look, but they may not be as practical for certain applications. For example, leather patches may be more prone to damage from moisture, sunlight, or chemicals, which could lead to cracking or discoloration over time. Faux leather, due to its thinner profile, provides for an easier application process. They are typically more resistant to environmental factors and may be a better choice for items that will be exposed to the elements or frequent use. Regardless of which material you choose, both leather and faux leather patches offer a wide range of design options and can add a unique touch to any garment or accessory. Our team will help be there to help you decide which material works best for your project.

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Supplying Businesses With Premium Custom Patches Since 2002

We design and manufacture high-quality custom patches to promote your brand or organization. Over 150 million custom patches produced for global brands in the last 20 years.

Since 2002 Artex Group has produced millions of patches for individuals and organizations around the world. We are a major supplier for the automotive industry working with Honda, Toyota, BMW, and the “Big Three” – so be assured the quality of your patch will meet our exacting standards.

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Why Choose Artex Group?

We are the patch people! We have been manufacturing and designing the highest quality custom patches across the US for 20 years. We have worked with a vast range of businesses and organizations and know what it takes to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

We have worked with some of the world’s best-known organizations and brands. These include BMW, Nissan, Toyota, and Chrysler. We are also the official licensee of the Boy Scouts of America.

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Our custom embroidered patches serve many organizations and companies in their branding and promotion efforts.

Make Artex Group your dependable source for high-quality, custom patches. We have made over 50 million patches for companies around the world!

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