Custom Police Patches for Law Enforcement Uniforms

Rapid identification of police and highway patrol personnel is a critical function of the uniforms they wear. Artex’s law enforcement patches are a vital component for the uniforms of the people who serve and protect us.

If your department is in need of a new logo or duplication of an existing custom patch, Artex will work with you to enhance your current design or create a brand new design. Just fill out this form, and a team member will get back to you in 24 hours!

If designing a new logo is of interest, it is really simple process.

Just speak to one of our artists who will gladly discuss all the necessary elements you wish to have in your custom made patch. From thread colors to types of backing, we will assist you in every aspect of the process. We will even ship our embroidered patches directly to your uniform service center if need be.

If you would like us to duplicate an existing police patch, please just send us an actual sample so we may match your police/highway patrol patch stitch by stitch. Generally our clients find our patches look much better than their original samples. We strive to make you a satisfied customer from the start. Having a professional custom patch company you can rely on year after year will hopefully make your job a little easier.

From service stripes to shoulder patches, we look forward to helping you with your next project. We proudly support our law enforcement agencies and knowing our patches grace so many uniforms gives us all a proud feeling.

Thank you for serving and protecting.

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